Jessie's Teen Entrepreneurship Journey

Jessie Clair in activewear

What inspired Jessie Clair to start her own business?

Jessie Clair's entrepreneurial spirit began during the lockdowns in 2020. Despite the challenges, she successfully created and sold over 200 pieces of jewelry through an online store. This initial success fueled her ambition to establish her own activewear business.

How did Jessie prepare herself for the business world?

"I didn't want to just create any business - I was determined to do it right," Jessie explains. To gain the necessary knowledge and skills, she joined a program called 'The Fashion Label Launchpad' in Melbourne. Through monthly meetings, she immersed herself in discussions about all aspects of running a business. During this time, she also worked on creating initial designs for her activewear line.

What were the key steps in bringing Jessie's business to life?

Bringing her business to life involved a meticulous process. Jessie started by identifying a 'brand essence' that would set her activewear apart. She then focused on developing the initial designs, including specifications and sampling, which she did in Melbourne. To ensure the highest quality, she sourced materials from international suppliers.

What sets Jessie's activewear business apart?

Jessie's activewear business stands out for its commitment to excellence and attention to detail. Every piece is carefully crafted to embody the brand's essence and provide customers with a unique and luxurious experience. From the choice of fabrics to the precision of the stitching, every aspect of the activewear reflects Jessie's passion for creating something truly exceptional.

What advice does Jessie have for aspiring teen entrepreneurs?

Jessie's journey as a teen entrepreneur has taught her valuable lessons. She advises aspiring entrepreneurs to be determined and passionate about their chosen path. She also emphasizes the importance of seeking guidance and learning from experienced professionals. With dedication and the right support, Jessie believes that any teenager can turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality. 'Be the girl who decided to go for it'.


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